Pisces, let’s look at expectations. Today asteroid Juno stations retrograde in Sagittarius. Juno tends to represent commitment, as well as partnership-style (romantically or otherwise). This means themes like cohabiting, co-parenting and collaborating. Whilst Juno is retrograde, we’re invited to question our reasons for being in a partnership. We’re asked to reconsider if our relationships are balanced, if our needs are being met, and if our commitment is returned. As Sagittarius is a sign of fiery freedom – this time might just reveal where partnership is limiting our own individual journeying. Pisces, an area of particularly relevance will be others’ expectations of you. All this energy moves through your house of tradition and structure. As a result, you might be feeling more sensitive to obligations placed on you by others – commitments you never quite agreed to. If this resonates, use these next weeks to set some clear and assertive boundaries. You deserve to (guiltlessly) enjoy your space dear Pisces.