Conjunction time Skymates! Pisces, today we have the Moon conjoining Pluto which might just uncover some deep truths. Pluto is the planet of the underworld, the subconscious, the taboo. It’s the place where we drop off our shame, guilt and regret – hoping they’ll disappear. Reminder: that’s never the case and transits like these tend to shake them all back up to the surface. Pisces, today you’re reminded to forgive yourself. Making mistakes is a natural part of any learning process. In fact, all we’ve ever learnt has really come from first making a mistake. You had to fall a few times, before you could learn how to walk. Today, if there’s any regret, guilt or shame that you’re carrying… invite in the idea of letting it go. Treat yourself as though you are the innocent, pure and loving child that you once were – because in so many ways, you still are.