Today’s 2/2/2021, which in numerology represents a day of spiritual alignment and universal dreams. The more we focus on feeling good internally, the less we start to pursue material satisfaction. Ironically, in letting go of that pursuit, more abundance naturally comes our way. Pisces, you may find it hard to let go of the thought of reconnecting with someone, even if your more rational side wishes you never let that thought cross your mind in the first place. But with Mercury being retrograde in your spirituality and healing sector, you heal most when you let yourself feel everything — including your shadow emotions. Since Venus is also in Aquarius right now, you’re not likely to feel so submerged in your feelings that you can’t think clearly. You’ll actually be able to intellectualize what you’re feeling and cut yourself some slack. Missing people who left a significant impact on you is normal — denying yourself the ability to miss them is what can be problematic.