Today is a powerful day in astrology. We have the moon conjoining Saturn, Venus and Jupiter – all within the sign of the rule-breaker: Aquarius. Aquarius rules the mental realm, so we’ll likely be receiving revolutionary clarity as to where and how we can improve both our lives, and those of others. Pisces, a huge theme of 2021 for you is the realm of spirituality. Today, you’ll be feeling it. You’ve been a little off lately, and it’s partly due to a disconnect from your sense of ‘purpose.’ Not to worry though. Your life purpose is as ever-flowing and evolving in its nature as yourself… sometimes it takes a second to catch up with it! To reconnect with yourself dear pisces – sit with yourself today. Disconnect from technology and social media. Listen and feel into the themes and thoughts that arise in your meditation. When you take the space and time to listen, your intuitive wisdom gets louder.