Skymates, how are those post Full Moon feels going? The Moon will shift into the sign of Scorpio and will meet the South Node on Friday morning. Libra, this will have you looking to see where support is available to you, and it will also tickle your desire to connect with life’s pleasures. Your appetites will awaken, and you’d be wise not to shut them down. Give them space. We tend to be afraid of our passions, or see them as mere whims, but they come from a deep place. Allowing them space can help you to understand where they come from, and what you would actually be feeding as you feed into them. It’s ok to want, to crave, to yearn. Denying these feelings is what can get you in trouble. None of us are exempt from our intensity. We are as much flawed as we are magic, and it’s a beautiful thing to be able to embrace it all.