@KnowLibra Daily Scope 5.18.21

The Moon hangs out in the passionate sign of Leo and comes into a tense alignment with Saturn and Uranus. Things will be tense today. Cultivate your patience as much as you can and try not to take things too personally. Keep an open heart. Libra, this is a good day to set healthy boundaries. You may be put to the test. Your friends may require more attention from you than what you can give. If it’s hard for you to say ‘no’. If it’s hard for you not to people please. This is the perfect time to try it out. Stay true to your desire. Guard your space. Open up to what you want. Your creative drive wants to be explored. I know you feel it, and you may also feel like it’s blocked. I encourage you to pull through the limitations. You can manifest so much!

@KnowLibra Daily Scope 5.17.21

This will be an intense day with the Sun aligning to Pluto. Go deep into your experiences, you’ll have greater power and influence over your life. Open up to the transformations that want to take place. Libra, the Moon will be in your area of community these next couple of days. It’s a great time to connect with the groups you resonate with. The Sun and Pluto are inviting you to look into your investments. Something may be in need of a change or a boost. Is there a family member you can ask for help? The union of Venus and the North Node in your area of adventure is a great time to step out of your comfort zone. You may connect with a lover that lives miles away. Remain open to the possibilities. Go for whatever feels good and expansive.

@KnowLibra Wknd Scopes 5.15 – 5.16

Libra, this wknd is the perfect time to tap into your authority. The Moon will hangout in the nurturing sign of Cancer, inviting us to tap into our needs and to take good care of ourselves and our loved ones. The transits of the wknd will light a fire on our emotional world helping us tap into empathic action and grounded healing. Libra, take the time to check in with where you’re at with your professional pursuits. You can connect on an emotional level with your goals these days. Connect with how you’d wish to move forward. Mars has two more weeks left in your area of career, helping you to activate and conquer your long-term goals. Take this chance to connect with what it is you truly want for your life.

@KnowLibra Daily Scope 5.14.21

We kick things off today with an uncomfortable alignment between Neptune and the Moon. This is no time to make snap judgements. Be patient when navigating through any confusion. Don’t take things too seriously until they become clear. Open up to your sensitivity, and express empathy towards others and yourself. Libra, give yourself the freedom to entertain your desire to escape to new worlds. Connect with your wildest fantasies. Which are the ones that feel right in your body, soul and emotionality? By night time you’ll be in more of a realistic place, but try to keep those fantasies near to your heart. The world’s on fire. Everything is so unpredictable. This is the time to go after your wildest dreams. No more playing the rat race. No more playing it safe.

@KnowLibra Daily Scope 5.13.21

Jupiter enters the sensitive sign of Pisces for the next two and a half months. The world is in dire need of compassion, empathy, and recognition of others -all others- as a part of ourselves. Let your belief systems become permeable. Open your heart and understanding towards the ones you recognize as foreign. Libra, beliefs, religion, philosophies, mean nothing if they don’t have your personal well-being at heart. Make sure that the things you’re giving your time and service to aren’t draining your energy. You will want to give during this time. You will want to serve, and the world is in need of this kind of unconditional service. But you will also want to connect with your self-care and tend to your health and your needs. Find an honest balance.

@KnowLibra Daily Scope 5.12.21

With the Moon entering the communicative sign of Gemini and uniting with intimate Venus, give yourself the chance to speak from the heart and voice your emotions. Mercury’s alignment to Saturn offers a solid structure to draw out a plan for your long-term goals. Libra, this is a great day to come out of the dark and have a little fun! Every moment lived is an opportunity to learn, expand, and become a fuller version of yourself. Get to know what’s going on in the world, the good and the bad. Try to meet every person and every experience without any preconceived notions. Beautiful adventures want to come your way.