It’s the last week of Libra Season, and we’re one week away from the solar eclipse in Scorpio that’ll shake up the status quo. You can probably already sense the shifting seasons and turning tides. Libra, this eclipse szn is helping you increase your self-confidence, dramatically. To outsiders, you look like you have it all — you seem popular, hilarious, light-hearted, free-spirited, flirtatious, and fun! But do you know what happens when a Venus-ruled sign gets too influenced by the impression others have of them? It becomes very challenging for them to be, or even know, their authentic self. And that’s what eclipse szn is going to help you overcome. It’s going to help you let go of your people-pleasing tendencies, and have you focused on bringing yourself consistent pleasure. Start off the week listing all the activities and sensations that bring you the most pleasure. And if you feel sad, honor those feelings instead of suppressing them.