Congratulations, Libra — you’ve made it through the final eclipse of 2022! We won’t be experiencing another Total Lunar Eclipse until 2025, so this is a significant milestone. We’ll still feel the eclipse energy for two more weeks though, so pace yourself as you embrace your rebirth. For you, this eclipse activated your sector of intimacy and merging, helping you decipher between people who are with you because they genuinely care for you, and those who are with you because they’re focused on what they can extract from you. You tend to be a people-pleaser, but now that your planetary ruler Venus is in Scorpio, and it made an opposition to the Taurus eclipse, something has drastically shifted. You’re now prioritizing your own pleasure rather than always putting other people’s needs above your own, and this will help you evolve in ways that surpass your expectations! Keep going. A new you is emerging.