Libra, what does your perfect relationship look like? The Moon is still in Virgo on Wednesday, offering you the energy and the emotional support to soothe your deep inner waters, by paying attention to what you need to let go of. In the morning the Moon will come into a stretching encounter with Mars, and you’ll have to find a balance between your need to rest and your drive to get things done. In the afternoon, the Moon faces Neptune, and it may be hard for you to keep things in order or stick to your schedule. Let go and try to flow with what comes up. On Thursday, the day begins with the Moon moving into your sign and facing Jupiter, and you’ll be open to learning about yourself through others. As the day comes to an end, the Moon faces off with Venus. If you feel the need to talk with a partner regarding your emotional needs not being met, do so by enabling a dialogue rather than one-sided accusations.