Libra, connect to your emotions and your inner world in order to reclaim your power. The Moon is still in Virgo, inviting us to connect with our natural rhythms until Tuesday night when it shifts into Libra, bringing awareness to what it means to be in relationship with ourselves and the world around us. A shift in energy occurs on Tuesday, when Mars leaves its home sign and enters the slow moving, pleasure seeking sign of Taurus until August 20th. Part of what you have to learn in this lifetime has to do with limits. In order for you to truly understand what you like, you have to experience what you don’t like and vice versa. Embark on the journey of life and don’t hold back! Make this time about opening up to new experiences in order to really connect with what it is you love. Mercury also leaves its home sign to enter nurturing, safety seeking Cancer until July 19th. Activating communication, and bringing more movement and engagement into your professional life.