As we approach the final full moon of 2023, we should collectively be thinking of what we can do to create a more harmonious and abundant existence. Libra, with your planetary ruler Venus now in Scorpio, you’re ready to dive into the depths of your emotional world and find out what’s really been bothering you these past few weeks, or months. You’re going to have to be more honest about your true desires and boundaries, and make sure that you’re not resorting to people-pleasing in order to keep the peace. It may be challenging to do this due to Mercury Retrograde, but this is exactly why you should face the music now, rather than let things fester. Monday’s Pisces Moon is helping you navigate these emotionally murky waters with greater compassion and sensitivity, and once the Moon enters Aries on Tuesday, your partnership sector is activated and you’ll feel greater confidence in that realm of your life.