Skymates, it’s a big week! And Libra, this is particularly true for you. We just had a major astrological event take place – with Uranus and Mars conjoining on the Lunar North Node. This means that over the next week, we’ll be collectively experiencing acceleration, elevation, or both. This energy intensifies the need for us to (as individuals) evolve into wiser versions of ourselves. We’re letting go of energies from the past – specifically all that holds us back from our fullest potential. Libra for you, this is all extra intense as it activates your sector of transformation, fears and shadow work. You could be feeling more triggered or sensitive than usual, and if this is the case – pay close attention to learning about yourself. Portals such as these are opportunities to break unhealthy karmic cycles and patterns within our psyches. What fears, judgements or self-limiting beliefs are you ready to shed? Your next chapter awaits.