Libra, trust your intuition as you re-route and restructure. If you’ve been feeling isolated or restricted in any way as the week begins, do your best to take things slow. Feel your feels without letting them drown you, and pressure yourself the least you can. On Tuesday, the Sun leaves Aries, giving way to Taurus Season, and bringing with it a slower, more grounded and body centered feel. Libra, think before you swipe your credit card on Monday. If you don’t need it, it’s not the best time to buy it. Take the time to look into your cash flow. A little organization and redirection of your resources can go a long way. On Tuesday, the Sun will begin to shine a light on your area of intimacy and joint resources. This Season will be a great time to let go of what drains your energy and no longer serves your growth. Let it hurt, find ways to accompany yourself through the pain, this is how you heal.