We’re three days into Venus’ transit in Aquarius, skymates. You may already be noticing that on a collective level, people have started to be less serious in daily interactions, and are infusing a spirit of detachment in their relationships. But with Mercury also being retrograde in Aquarius, we may also be sending or receiving mixed signals. Libra, with the Moon shifting out of your sign and entering Scorpio today, your focus shifts from your personal life to your financial goals. Since Mercury’s retrograde, it’s a good time to take a look at what works for you financially and what’s been causing you stress or anxiety. It’s time to face the truth head-on so you can make the necessary shifts to creating and sustaining the abundant lifestyle you’ve been dreaming of. Commit to making your future self proud, but also know that to manifest your goals, you’ll have to encourage yourself, rather than be too hard on yourself.