Libra, it’s time for a release. Today the moon moves from fiery Aries, into the calmer energy of earthy Taurus. When this happens, our motivation tends to shift towards comfort, security and peace. The moon is most sensual when she’s in Taurus. It’s as if life slows down a little, and stopping to ‘smell the roses,’ sounds pretty appealing. Libra, this energy activates your sector of deep healing, sexuality and emotional transformation. It will be a super powerful time to address any shame, guilt or regret that you’re carrying. Are there any areas in your life that usually feel too raw or sensitive to look at? Any mistakes, relationships or experiences that still feel extremely sore? If it feels right, today will be a beautiful day to do something about this. Book in a session with a therapist, speak to a friend, or explore these memories by yourself through journaling. The universe supports you in healing, releasing and finding the peace that you deserve.