Leo, is it time to work differently? We’re still feeling the potency of the New Moon and the ripple effects of its initiatory energy. Sagittarius season tends to bring that ‘sky’s the limit’ feeling, so now it’s about figuring out what it means for our lives. Over the next few days there could be some emotional turbulence with the moon forming tensions with Mars, Neptune and Jupiter – but a harmonious conversation between the moon and Uranus soon after, will lead to epiphanies and new ideas. Leo, this activates a sector of transformation that you’ve been working with all year: career and financial security. Now is the time to take a magnifying lens to your work – both in terms of how you’re approaching tasks – and a wider sense. Is your career filling you with purpose? If not, what steps can you take to move in that direction? We’re still in New Moon energy. Anything is possible, lovely Leo.