@KnowLeo Daily Scope 5.18.21

The Moon hangs out in the passionate sign of Leo and comes into a tense alignment with Saturn and Uranus. Things will be tense today. Cultivate your patience as much as you can and try not to take things too personally. Keep an open heart. Leo, listen carefully to your emotions today. If any tension comes up in your love or business partnerships, make space for empathic listening. Don’t close off. Don’t strive to be right. Your energy will be best invested in being there for whatever arises, lovingly. Taking the time to pause during the day to get centered and to breathe, will be so good for you. Things may get a bit erratic at work, and you’ll need to be as emotionally grounded as possible.

@KnowLeo Daily Scope 5.17.21

This will be an intense day with the Sun aligning to Pluto. Go deep into your experiences, you’ll have greater power and influence over your life. Open up to the transformations that want to take place. Leo, the Moon will be in your area of self these next couple of days. Connect with your body and your need for self-expression. The Sun and Pluto are inviting you to be yourself no matter what. If an opportunity comes your way, don’t try to impress. Don’t try to sell them something you’re not. Just give them the real deal. The union of Venus and the North Node in your area of community is an opportunity for a meaningful connection. You never know when you might meet someone that knocks your boots off.

@KnowLeo Wknd Scopes 5.15 – 5.16

Leo, this wknd is the perfect time to tap into your compassionate nature. The Moon will hangout in the nurturing sign of Cancer, inviting us to tap into our needs and to take good care of ourselves and our loved ones. The transits of the wknd will light a fire on our emotional world helping us tap into empathic action and grounded healing. Leo, give yourself some time to be alone, and to just feel into what’s going on in your subconscious mind. This year has been a lot. Give yourself a chance to process the emotions that all of the change and isolation have brought. Treat yourself like you would a child. Don’t beat yourself up about things that are beyond your control. Do your best to just be with what’s right here and now.

@KnowLeo Daily Scope 5.14.21

We kick things off today with an uncomfortable alignment between Neptune and the Moon. This is no time to make snap judgements. Be patient when navigating through any confusion. Don’t take things too seriously until they become clear. Open up to your sensitivity, and express empathy towards others and yourself. Leo, this is a great day to connect with your crew and to do some brainstorming. Wonderful insights can come through in exchange and collective spaces. Some tension may come up between your need for freedom in relationship and your desire for deep and intimate vulnerability. This tension can be something internal, or can come through external factors, like some kind of clash between your friends and your partner. Don’t react rashly. Try to see both sides of the scale, and be loving about how you face things.

@KnowLeo Daily Scope 5.13.21

Jupiter enters the sensitive sign of Pisces for the next two and a half months. The world is in dire need of compassion, empathy, and recognition of others -all others- as a part of ourselves. Let your belief systems become permeable. Open your heart and understanding towards the ones you recognize as foreign. Leo, this will be a great time to work in collaboration. It’s no time to force things into being. It’s time to find the spaces and people where the energy flows naturally. You have the opportunity to grow with others. It may become challenging at times, nobody said relationships are easy, but it certainly will be fruitful. Make sure that if you commit to something it’s not out of obligation, but out of passion and desire.

@KnowLeo Daily Scope 5.12.21

With the Moon entering the communicative sign of Gemini and uniting with intimate Venus, give yourself the chance to speak from the heart and voice your emotions. Mercury’s alignment to Saturn offers a solid structure to draw out a plan for your long-term goals. Leo, if you’re feeling a bit stuck, it may be a good idea to step out of your comfort zone instead of forcing things to go your way. Your friends will be key in the pursuit of your dreams. Invite them in to play a role, even if it’s just to give you some advice or to sheer you on. Open up to being redirected. Sometimes we think we’re on the right track, but it might just be that thing that takes us out of our way that gets us where we want to be.