KnowLeo Scope March 29 – 30, 2023

Sweet Venus is joining forces with unpredictable Uranus, bringing us a potent reminder that sometimes the things we hold most dear can also hold us back. If your professional life feels stagnant in any way, try shaking things up. Leo, what fresh new perspectives are calling out to you? Pursue what you know is meaningful, what you know can help you grow and expand your life. It’s a great time to take on reading, writing, learning a new language, exploring a new philosophy, or line of study. Remember to stay true to the values and beliefs that resonate with you. While it’s important to be open to new perspectives, don’t let yourself be swayed by others just because there are people rallied around them. Do your own inner research to discover what truly feels in line with who you are.

KnowLeo Scope March 27 – 28, 2023

Leo, the Moon is still in Gemini on Monday reminding you to come closer to the ones that share your same dreams and ideals, and as it shifts into Cancer on Tuesday take some time for yourself. The Waxing Quarter Moon in Cancer happens Tuesday night, inviting us all to take some time to nurture ourselves and our loved ones, and to allow for the full range of our emotions to be felt. Check in on the intentions you planted a week ago during the New Moon in Aries. Dear Leo, try not to get bummed out by the things that are beyond your control. You don’t always have to be so proactive all of the time. Take some down time. Be with yourself and your feelings. We all need some space and time to process our inner experiences and to release our baggage.

KnowLeo Wknd Scope March 24 – 26, 2023

Leo, as the Moon is still in the pleasure seeking sign of Taurus during Friday and Saturday, it’s a nice time to give a little love to your career and public image. On Friday Mars moves into the nurturing sign of Cancer for the next two months, after having spent 7 long months in Gemini. You’ll be feeling a bit more introspective and reflective than usual. Use this transit to connect with your spiritual side and focus on self-care. You may also have some vivid dreams or experience a greater sense of intuition. Listen to your inner voice, and keep a dream journal close by. On Saturday night, the Moon moves into the exchange loving sign of Gemini, and you’ll be craving more interconnection. However scattered your friends may be, sometimes a memory, an inside joke, or a common cause is all the excuse you need to come together.

KnowLeo Scope March 22 – 23, 2023

Skymates, how intensely have you been feeling the start of the new astrological year and the vibes of yesterdays’ New Moon in Aries that still linger? Well, fasten your seat belts as Pluto will begin to shake things up in revolutionary Aquarius after having spent 15 years in Capricorn. Leo, the next 20 years will bring unconventional partnerships that challenge you in unexpected ways. This could be a great time to explore alternative relationship structures that allow the kind of freedom and autonomy you desire. With Pluto’s transformative power in play, you can’t expect these changes to come without some turbulence. This exploration will surely lead you to confront your own fears and insecurities in order to make things work for both sides. Dig deep and get real about the kind of partner and the kind of relationship dynamic you’re deeply desiring.

KnowLeo Scope March 20 – 21, 2023

Happy Aries Season, Skymates! The Spring Equinox in the north and the Fall Equinox in the south make way for Aries Season on Monday 5:25 pm EST. This is a key time of the year to embrace new beginnings, to shed old skin and step confidently into the unknown. Leo, this Season brings with it a strong urge to expand your horizons and seek out new experiences. You may find yourself drawn to exploring new cultures, learning new skills, or pursuing a higher education. So, go ahead, indulge your curiosity, feed your thirst for knowledge. On Tuesday, the New Moon, also in Aries, becomes exact at 1:23 pm EST, reminding you not to let the excitement of the new lead you away from your center. Take the time to integrate what you’re learning by reflecting on how it fits into your overall life path.

KnowLeo Wknd Scope March 17 – 19, 2023

Leo, lean into love. We’re now only a few days away from the new astrological year and the cosmos is appropriately turning up the cosmic energy. Because your sector of relationships is being activated, you might be noticing an emphasis on them. Whether that manifests as challenging or joyful experiences, both will be expansive on your journey. There’s a reminder here regarding the bravery that it takes, to open your heart and make it work with another being (platonic or romantic). When you strip down your fears and limitations, you’ll notice it’s much easier to keep an open mind and open heart. Suddenly another’s “flaws” become quirks – and obstacles that limit your closeness can naturally fall away. A Mercury-Pluto connection invites you to pay attention to the ways you judge or implement unloving standards on others… you’ll notice that this is often a reflection of how you treat yourself.