You are more than what you appear to others, and even to yourself. You may have felt a bit less armored around the New Moon. This vulnerable state is exactly what you need now. Take advantage of the Moon in your sign on Friday through Saturday, in order to let the real you shine through, Leo. The tense connection between Mars and Pluto becomes exact on Friday, and can make you notice how burnt out your actually are. It’s time to lean on your wellness practices, making sure that they help you go deep and help you transform what ails you. On Saturday, the Moon will be balancing out the Nodes, connecting you to what’s you feel is truly meaningful. What do you need to adjust in your life in order to set yourself on the right path? Sunday morning, when the Moon shifts into the practical sign of Virgo, check in on how you’re spending your earnings. It may be time to reprioritize where your resources are going.