This wknd is a cosmic turning point as Venus, the Planet of Love, shifts out of the jovial sign of Sag and enters the grounded sign of Capricorn, where it remains for the rest of December. Leo, Venus’ transit in Capricorn activates your sector of wellness and service, so you may find yourself motivated to work out again, or to take your food regimen or mental health journey more seriously. Take baby steps though, because since Mars, the Planet of Action, is currently retrograde in Gemini, you may find yourself starting something and finding it hard to stick to it. So instead of changing everything about your lifestyle at once, choose two activities or healthy habits to commit to, and take it breath by breath. You got this, Leo! PS: My book, Signs & Skymates, is out now. If you’re loving these scopes, please consider supporting me by ordering yourself (or a loved one) a copy today. Thank you!