Leo have you made peace with your past? One of this year’s major flavors will be heightened over the next few days – with Saturn in Aquarius squaring Uranus in Taurus. This can look like more surprises, twists and turns… especially when it comes to themes like global economies, politics and so on. Collective energies might feel as though they’re boiling up, and with the moon shifting into Pisces, we’ll be feeling it. Leo you may be feeling a little more emotionally sensitive than usual, and if that’s the case you’re invited to slow down. Treat yourself with patience and gentleness, after all it has  been quite the year. As we move closer to the eclipse, you might be noticing memories from the past beginning to resurface. Pay close attention to whether anything back there still hurts. With the wisdom you have now, it might be worth revisiting any sore memories, in order to forgive and pour love back into yourself.