Leo, you may find yourself in the mood to connect with your inner child today, as the Moon hangs out in the adventure seeking sign of Sag This is a great time to set your inner artist free, and to let your creative side take the lead. If you haven’t yet set your new moon intentions from last week’s Scorpio New Moon, you have until the 23rd of November to make the most of this potent energy of rebirth, so set some time to do so soon. You may feel like you’re ready to make some bold moves in your life, and this is a great time to make them. The more you can focus on what brings you joy, the more you’ll be able to attract opportunities that are in alignment with your soul’s truth. This is a great day to watch a stand-up comedy show, or go to a concert or a live event, as you’ll be in the mood to laugh and to be entertained.