Seek out support and guidance today, Leo. The Capricorn Moon void of course, is an invitation to give structure to your aspirations. What would it take for you to commit to your service? How can you infuse your life with the structure and discipline needed to have a healthier life? The Moon then moves into Aquarius on Wednesday late afternoon, and with so much activity in Pisces and Aquarius, your imagination is sparked, and you can find yourself daydreaming and getting lost in thought. This is a good thing. You need this to be able to know what you want. And rightnow, you’re being called to ground your dreams. To commit to making your dreams a reality. What can you do to become more grounded in your daydreams? Note that Mercury will soon enter Aries, indicating a shift in your communication and thought processes, but for now, speak from a place of passion, and have more intimate conversations.