Happy Leo New Moon lovely Leo! The Sun is at home in your glorious sign right now, with the Moon about to meet it there – for one of the most potent New Moons of the year. The solar energy of Leo teaches the collective all about celebrating our individual selves – and that’s what Leo Season is all about! You’re at the cusp of a brand-new lunar cycle, and a brand-new solar return. This makes it an extremely powerful time for your personal manifestation. New Moons are always about planting seeds, but this one is extra potent for you. Looking back on the last twelve months – what have you learned? What’s been new, and what have you grown out of Leo? Answering these questions can give you a clearer idea as to what you’re dreaming of next. Write down your goals and visions with the Leo New Moon, and watch them come true. You deserve that and more.