Leo, you’ll feel the Moon shifting from mentally-oriented Gemini… into the more emotional realms of Cancer. This will be the perfect time for you to reconnect with the deepest, stripped-back core of who you are. There’s a message for you here of reconnecting to the sense of being your own best friend: filling up your own cup,, so that it can naturally overflow to others. Despite a world that sometimes asks you to dim your shine: you’re full of warmth, love and fiery power. Afterall, the Sun is your planetary ruler! On Thursday, the moon connecting harmoniously with Venus is going to evoke a heart-opening energy. This will be perfect for connecting with your real priorities, sense of gratitude and truth. Remember to try and find ‘fun’ in your day. Not to be overlooked: laughter, play and joy are some of the highest spiritual vibrations… and you deserve this for yourself!