Leo, it’s okay to feel stuck. Today the collective experiences Jupiter coming into a tense relationship with the planet of our wounding, Chiron. We might be feeling triggered, but there’s a chance to heal here. Chiron in Aries is all about wounds surrounding our individuality, a realm in which we’ve all suffered through our processes of socialization. Today reminds us that every second of our experience as humans is totally unique. There’s no one way of doing anything, and we can’t ever know what it’s like to walk in the shoes of another (nor will anyone ever know what it’s like for us!). Here we honor OUR personal lens, and our choices. Leo, you might be experiencing wounding specific to your sense of soul purpose. Things may have been stagnant… or simply not moving in the direction you want. Breathe. It’s okay. Remember, a necessary (and natural) part of your path, is being pushed towards the ‘unwanted,’ in order to show you what you truly want.