Happy Pisces Season Skymates! Leo, this beautiful season softens the cosmic energy of the collective, and for you: transformation is on the horizon. Here, we’re each reminded of our spiritual, more introverted selves – and invited to connect with our dreams. At this time, our emotions and empathy tend to become enhanced. As a result, we feel closer to the Universe and all of the beings who occupy it. Leo, during this time, your sector of transformation, intimacy, and shadow work is activated. Now’s the time to dive into the depths of your subconscious, and to pay close attention to the triggers and fears you carry. It’s a time where leaning into your ‘uncomfortable’ feelings will carry you onto the path of self-development. You can use breathwork, meditation and journaling for support. Plus, be extra careful in protecting your energy around other people – because with the Piscean influence, energetic boundaries tend to become thinner.