Skymates, let’s talk Mercury retrograde. Mercury retrogrades are for sorting out details, and this one has a particular influence on our social networks. Mercury is about to conjoin Venus tomorrow, so the messenger planet will likely inspire a loving download. It’s worth checking in with ourselves, as we’re up to the last chapter of this retrograde (before it goes direct on Feb 20th). Leo, Mercury’s retrograde through Aquarius is taking place in your sector of relationships. You might have been experiencing some pretty radical shifts in the way you relate to those around you, or indeed who’s around you. It might be a time to use some Aquarian energy to honestly discern who should be in your life, and who has to go. Some questions or journal prompts for the next few days are: Which of my relationships make me feel good and supported? Am I spending the right amount of time and effort on the right friendships? Are my boundaries clear in my relationships?