Gemini, opportunities await. We’re nearing the new astrological year, and you’ll likely be feeling the potency of this energy. With new cycles like this, there tend to arise new doorways and options – so get ready Gemini! If any conversations, ideas, or moments spark your interest, lean into them. More often than not, the best path for you will be one that you couldn’t have imagined. Your planetary ruler (Mercury) will be harmoniously connecting with Pluto, this weekend too. This encourages you out of your fears and limitations, by reminding you of your power. You might find yourself with the desire to voice (or otherwise express) your vulnerability, or fears. Doing so will activate a healing journey. The cosmos is giving you the space for it, with a Pisces moon harmoniously connecting with Taurus. Comfort, beauty and dreaming are the key words as you inch closer towards new beginnings with the Equinox and New Moon– all just a few days away.