Gemini, you might’ve been feeling a sense of ‘stuckness’ over the last weeks, and this weekend this might reach a tipping point. We’re all being influenced by a major planetary unfolding, with Saturn (career, finances, authority figures) coming into a tension with the Lunar nodes (our past and future journeys). Gemini, there’s a reminder here for you of Self-trust. As you connect to your inner sense of strength and wisdom  – you’ll access the awareness that you can handle anything. Plus, with the moon shifting into Leo on Saturday… you’re reminded that you can do so in a way that’s fun, light and expressive. Life doesn’t have to be heavy, and it’s not a race either. Besides, you’re doing wonderfully so far. Maybe it’s time to share more of your journey with the world? Spreading your light to those around you can positively reflect back to your own life too.