Gemini, how are you feeling after the Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio last night? Your health, daily rituals and practices, your unconscious mind and your emotional depths are being shaken up, in order for you to be able to release what is keeping you from greater wellness. What occurs during eclipses goes on in the dark, so if you can’t really put your finger on it yet, be patient and know that things are happening even if you can’t see them. Monday will feel lighter than the past days when the Moon shifts into Sag in your area of partnerships. You’ll be feeling flirty. It’s a nice time to be daring. Send your crush a DM or spice things up with your partner. It’s also a good time to talk things out if there are tensions within your one-on-one relationships. Tuesday’s energy wants you to connect with your empathic nature. Open your heart, be loving to the ones around you. You have so much love to give.