As we navigate through the Waxing Gibbous phase, it’s normal to feel a build-up of energy and anticipation. This period can be seen as a time for preparation and introspection, making it ideal for cleansing one’s body and mind, for example, through a fast or detox, especially as the Moon is moving through Virgo, the sign of health, during most of the weekend. Gemini, you may find that emotions intensify as we move closer to the lunar culmination. You can prepare for the Full Moon in Libra which is ushering in the first eclipse season of the year by addressing and sharing feelings you’ve kept hidden, leading to overdue conversations. Expressing what’s on your mind can be liberating and healing, surprising those around you but also fostering a deeper understanding. Ultimately, being open and aware of your needs enhances your relationships, guiding you towards emotional fulfillment.