The Gemini Full Moon strikes at 11:08pm EST on Dec 7th, and we’ll continue to feel its influence all week long. This is a powerful portal for all skymates, because it’s the final full moon of 2022. Gemini, for you, this full moon is all about you, your values, and your self-esteem. With Mars currently retrograde in your sign, you may not be seeing yourself clearly, and the path ahead may feel all over the place. This is actually a good thing. There’s no need to rush ahead — this is a time for closing chapters and opening yourself up to the unknown. Accept whatever fears or insecurities emerge during your annual full moon, and then peacefully let them go. Get ready to grow, grow, grow, grow, grow. PS: My book, Signs & Skymates, is out now. Make my day and order yourself (or a loved one) a copy today. Thank you!