Gemini, it’s now Capricorn Season and we’re in the final stretch of Mercury Retrograde, meaning it’s best to avoid launching new projects or making major decisions during this time, because our perception of reality may be a bit skewed. Instead, focus on tying up loose ends and revisiting the past with a fresh perspective. Your ruler will re-enter Sagittarius on the 23rd, so you’ll be feeling more nostalgic than usual. You may find yourself reaching out to people from your past or wanting to reconnect with them. Just make sure you’re not doing it for selfish reasons or because you’re bored. Additionally, with Vesta now retrograde in your sign, it’s an opportune moment to reassess your commitments and what truly matters to you. The Moon’s presence in Taurus invites you to spend time this weekend solidifying your personal values and ensuring they’re in alignment with your actions.