Gemini, your week begins with the Moon shifting out of Taurus, and into your sign. This means it’ll be a powerful time to connect with a body of water; a lake, ocean or river. If that’s not possible, a bath will do wonders for calming your nervous system – or simply taking a meditative shower. Remember to stay hydrated. On  Tuesday, the planet of love and beauty (Venus), enters the sign of spirit and unconditional love (Pisces). You’ll be feeling increasingly more creatively inspired, and in tune with your inner world than you have for quite a while Gemini.  The turbulence of this year’s first quarter is going to temporarily start dissolving, so it’ll be a good time to refresh and revise some of your daily habits. Coping (or comforting) mechanisms that you’ve been using (sugary foods for example), may not be necessary anymore, as you start to feel more grounded. So, stay consciously aware of what your body and mind truly align with.