Gemini, polarity is part of the experience. Things heat up a little today as the Moon enters Leo, coming into friction with Mercury, Venus and Uranus – who all currently occupy the sign of Taurus. Leo rules our self-expression, our pride and childlike sense of play. When clashing with Taurus we think of the phrase ‘be careful!’ Themes of fast versus slow; impulsivity versus consistency; and risk-taking versus caution, all rise to the surface today. Gemini, for you this moves through your sector of mental processing. A theme that may be coming up for you is the experience of having inconsistent thoughts. That is, one moment having a solid idea about something – only to have it change quite dramatically, the next. The universe reminds you that its nature (and so too yours) is complex enough to carry a million versions of an ever-changing truth. If you’ve been feeling a little inconsistent in your thoughts, it’s totally natural – and totally okay.