Today the collective experiences some bumpiness as the Moon in Capricorn, comes into a tension with Mars in Aries. The moon rules our emotions and inner world, while Mars governs our motivation. Today might feel like our past conditioning, traumas and handed-down belief systems – coming into an opposition with what we actually want to achieve and create in our lives. This could be a conflict between our inner critic, and the part of us that wants to succeed. Gemini, as this takes place in your sector of society – you might be noticing cultural values that have been passed down to you. So many cultures and societies encourage individuals to play it safe, and to stay small. The opposite is considered to be arrogance. Some cultures praise martyrdom, suggesting that to be a good person, you always have to put others before yourself. Today, look at this concept in your own life. Are there any societal beliefs that no longer resonate with you?