Welcome to December 2020! Month 12 out of 12. Let’s pause for a round of applause. This has been an apocalyptic year. Please note that one meaning of the word apocalypse means “great awakening” or “something viewed as a prophetic revelation.” With Mercury, the Planet of Communication, now in fiery Sag, the magnitude of what we’ve collectively gone through this year is being revealed to us. Gemini, you’re going to be riding a wave of eclipse energy all month long, and it’s going to help you overcome inner blockages in ways that you previously thought weren’t accessible. You could find yourself thinking of a potential solution to a problem one minute, and then the next that solution may tangibly show up in your inbox, or through a phone call. Your manifestation powers are deepening, and it’s not too good to be true. To truly soar in this next chapter of your life, the Universe wants you to trust yourself, fully. Is that something you can do?