As the Lunar Eclipse approaches, it’s important that all skymates practice patience and ease their way into this eventful weekend. Neptune, the Planet of Illusion, shifts direct in Pisces this Saturday, after five-months being retrograde. Love and creativity will feel more appealing for us as a collective, and Neptune’s direct movement will encourage us to dream more, and stress less. Capricorn, this weekend will help you slow down enough to check in with your body and make sure that your stress levels aren’t too high. Have you been listening to your body and giving it what it needs? If yes, then you’ll feel ready to take on next week’s eclipse energy. If not, then you’ll get a wake-up call through physical exhaustion or other blockages that remind you that you’re not a robot running on auto-pilot, you’re a living, breathing being who deserves frequent rest and regeneration. Make a promise to yourself that you’ll gift yourself that, as a norm, and not as a reward for all the work you’ve done.