@KnowCapricorn Daily Scope 5.18.21

The Moon hangs out in the passionate sign of Leo and comes into a tense alignment with Saturn and Uranus. Things will be tense today. Cultivate your patience as much as you can and try not to take things too personally. Keep an open heart. Capricorn, this is a perfect day for intimacy. Share your deep thoughts and emotions with the ones you love. Even with the ones you’re just having an intense moment with. Let your emotions change. Let your self-expression shift. If you get to feel too exposed or ungrounded at some point, tap into the self-care practices that help you come back to your body. Sometimes just breathing deeply can help. Having a nice cup of tea. Taking a soothing bubble bath if you can. Treat your body and your emotions right.

@KnowCapricorn Daily Scope 5.17.21

This will be an intense day with the Sun aligning to Pluto. Go deep into your experiences, you’ll have greater power and influence over your life. Open up to the transformations that want to take place. Capricorn, the Moon will be in your area of shared energy these next couple of days. You will be more serious than usual. Your emotions will be deep and intense. It’s a great time to connect with what it is that needs to be said in regards to partnership matters. The Sun and Pluto are inviting you to express your truth, no matter how uncomfortable it may be. Your truth can inspire others. The union of Venus and the North Node in your area of work and daily routines wants you to let go of any indecisiveness, deep down you know what you want, follow it.

@KnowCapricorn Wknd Scopes 5.15 – 5.16

Capricorn, this wknd is the perfect time for romance. The Moon will hangout in the nurturing sign of Cancer, inviting us to tap into our needs and to take good care of ourselves and our loved ones. The transits of the wknd will light a fire on our emotional world helping us tap into empathic action and grounded healing. Capricorn, remain open to any insights regarding relationships and your role in them. Reflect on these questions: do I bring enough of myself into the partnership? Do I make enough space for what they have to offer? Do I make enough space for vulnerability? This will be a nice couple of days to renew your approach to relationships, especially when it comes to what is missing.

@KnowCapricorn Daily Scope 5.14.21

We kick things off today with an uncomfortable alignment between Neptune and the Moon. This is no time to make snap judgements. Be patient when navigating through any confusion. Don’t take things too seriously until they become clear. Open up to your sensitivity, and express empathy towards others and yourself. Capricorn, you’ll want to get so much done right now. But it may not be the best time to force yourself into something that’s not coming naturally. Take things slow. Focus on connecting with your body, your needs, and your wellness practices. Today, you can feel deeply into what it is your body needs healthwise. You may find that all you really need is a bit more rest or human connection. Tap in and let your body speak to you, it knows best.

@KnowCapricorn Daily Scope 5.13.21

Jupiter enters the sensitive sign of Pisces for the next two and a half months. The world is in dire need of compassion, empathy, and recognition of others -all others- as a part of ourselves. Let your belief systems become permeable. Open your heart and understanding towards the ones you recognize as foreign. Capricorn, there’s no need to wait for a Full Moon or an important transit in order to make a ritual. The planetas are always in movement, something is always happening, up there and down here. You don’t need to know about astrology to connect with the energy that’s available at all times. Life is the ritual. You just have to remain present. Breathe deep whenever you need to connect. You’re an antenna, you have access to all of the knowledge in the Universe.

@KnowCapricorn Daily Scope 5.12.21

With the Moon entering the communicative sign of Gemini and uniting with intimate Venus, give yourself the chance to speak from the heart and voice your emotions. Mercury’s alignment to Saturn offers a solid structure to draw out a plan for your long-term goals. Capricorn, check it with your daily habits. Are you choosing them or are they automatic? Do they rule you or do you rule them? It’s important that you become aware of how you create your day-to-day reality. It’s all in the details. The more conscious you become about the rhythm you’re creating for yourself, the more space you make for what you want in your life.