Play, Capricorn. We’re just a few days away from the new astrological year and the cosmos is being lit up. With your sector of sensuality and simplicity activated, there’s the reminder of what “all work and no play” does to the soul. Use the next few days to disconnect from all thoughts work, finance and life admin related. If that’s not possible for a whole weekend, try a day. Accessing a sense of timelessness is important for calming and slowing your nervous system. Plus, it opens up space for more joyful spheres. If that’s something you feel you’re lacking in your life, it’s time to shift your time management to include playfulness. You’re one of the most gifted signs when it comes to self-discipline Capricorn, but it’s just as important to have fun with it all. Remember, you always have the choice to keep things (or at least return them to) light.