Capricorn, you have a powerful journey ahead of you. The next few days see one retrograde wrap up… while another begins! First, we have Mercury ending its retrograde in the earth sign of Taurus. As this illuminates your sector of self-expression, you may feel something click into place regarding your confidence and sense of empowerment. You are a powerful being, and it’s time to own this. On June 4th, Saturn (your planetary ruler) will start its retrograde through Aquarius (until mid-October). This is a time that invites you to  reflect on any limitations and boundaries that exist in your life. This retrograde phase is a potent opportunity to make adjustments that get you from where you are, to where you’ve been dreaming off – particularly in terms of career, finances and your impact on the world. You’re ready to step into a powerful new chapter Capricorn, get ready!