Capricorn, you’re ready to connect with your family and ancestry in a more expansive and uplifting way. The Moon will still be in Leo on Monday, before it moves into Virgo at the end of the day. Monday may bring tension for us all, in your case, something to do with your finances, your self-expression and your friendships. If situations get too tedious, instead of disconnecting, go deeper. If people try to take advantage of you, or try to make you doubt yourself, you’ll be able to see right through them. Tap into your power. Tuesday brings a lot of change in energies. Mercury goes retrograde in Gemini, slowing things down when it comes to your work and health practices. Keep an eye out and review how your day-to-day feels and what you can do to make it feel better. Then Jupiter moves out of dreamy Pisces and into impulsive Aries, helping you to come home and feel more rooted in the world.