Capricorn, you can shine even brighter. Over the next few days, we collectively experience Mercury (planet of communication and mental realms), shifting out of Gemini, and into Taurus. As a result, this slightly alters the focus of our individual Mercury retrograde experiences, powerfully illuminating new spheres for us to work with, understand and heal. Capricorn, you’ve likely been focused on the nitty gritty details of life; work, routine, life admin and obligations. These are of course important spheres to nurture, but the universe is now inviting you into a space of self-expression and celebration. This could be a time to reflect on whether or not your gifts, talents and service are being truly seen and honored by those around you. Perhaps it’s time to put yourself out there, in a new way. This could mean anything from finally asking your crush out, to nominating yourself for a leadership role. It’s up to you to honor your potential.