As we move towards the Pisces New Moon on Sunday, it’s best to clear out any physical, emotional or spiritual clutter that’s been clouding our vision. Capricorn, with so much Pisces energy in the sky, including your ruler Saturn, you’re moving past a lot of karmic lessons that are teaching you to soften your boundaries and learn how to receive as much as you give. When the New Moon arrives, you may be ready to start thinking of yourself in a new light. This is a time to realize the things you need in order to face your day-to-day life. Don’t take rest, exercise, eating well, and getting moments of silence and renewal for granted. This is the foundation that allows you to be sharp and present in order to tackle what each day has in store for you. Mercury entering Aries on Saturday will help you be more assertive when it comes to your needs and the desires that strengthen your foundation.