The Aquarius New Moon took place this past Saturday,  signaling a new cycle for us collectively as we step out of retrograde season and truly feel like 2023 is kicking into high gear. Capricorn, this new moon encourages you to think about money from a more expansive state of mind. That may mean looking into new streams of income, applying for a job that pays way more than your current job, or considering entrepreneurship more seriously. Your ruler Saturn is spending its final 7 weeks in Aquarius, and then it won’t return again for 29 years. Use this final stretch of Saturn in Aquarius to cultivate more innovative ways of living and making money. It’s time to step out of your comfort zone, even if it’s what you’ve been used to for years. Set new moon intentions this week that help you visualize yourself six months from now, feeling and being wealthy, on a spiritual and financial level.