Romantic Venus aligns with ruthless Pluto today. Our relationships and intimate spaces are going to intensify. This is a great time to deepen our bonds with the ones we love. Also to go deep into what gives us pleasure. Capricorn, this is a day to recognize your intensity. If you’ve been trying to hold it back and suppress it, it’s time to stop and to set it free. Holding in your potency will only hurt you. You want to have fun, you want to enjoy life. If you take things way too seriously this will be hard to achieve. Let go a little bit. Let yourself be, even if you end up being too much. Who cares what other people think, as long as you’re not hurting anyone. It’s time to take care of yourself, and if this means being goofy, being super intense, so be it. Invite this side of you out to play and see what comes out of it.