Check in with those you love, Cap. This first full week of the astro new year is filled with possibilities for new beginnings, but with the Moon in Cancer today, we may collectively still be feeling pangs of nostalgia as we reflect on our past experiences and learn from previous relationships. Capricorn, if you find yourself replaying past scenarios in your mind, wishing they could’ve turned out differently, it may be a sign that there’s still unfinished business to handle, or that you’re seeking closure in some capacity. The Cancer Moon can help clarify what your true feelings are, particularly in friendships or romantic partnerships, so try your best to remain honest with yourself and others about what’s going on beneath the surface. Vulnerability will be your superpower today, because the Universe pays attention to your subconscious self and can bring you what you want — you just have to admit to yourself what it is that you really want right now.