Happy Lunar Eclipse in Gemini, Capricorn! Today’s full moon is extra potent since it’s also an eclipse, which means the collective energy is more supercharged and full of activity. All skymates will find themselves evaluating what’s real from what’s fiction, and making sure they’re facing the truth and not running from it. Capricorn, an unexpected opportunity to make changes in your career path may happen today or may have already recently occured, and while you tend to prefer to stick to what you’re used to, this eclipse energy is encouraging you to get curious about what could be if you took a leap of faith or even had a trial period of something new. With Neptune, the Planet of Illusion, now direct in Pisces, most of the planets are out of retrograde, and you have the green light to take more risks if you feel like it’s time to. You don’t have to make an immediate decision today, but have fun visualizing yourself experiencing something radically different than what you’re used to.