What are you going to do differently Cancer? We’re about to experience a powerful Sagittarius New Moon, on the same day its ruler (Jupiter) ends its retrograde. This auspicious portal will have us collectively dreaming again; widening our visions of life’s infinite possibilities. Cancer, for you this moon activates your sector of function and performance. Think of this as the way you approach your day, perform tasks, as well as organize the details of your life. The infusion of Sagittarian energy suggests that all of the above can be tweaked to include more passion, exploration and faith. How can you bring more joy, purpose and meaning into each moment of your day? You deserve this and more. A harmonious connection between Saturn and Mars retrograde suggests even if you don’t have all the answers right now, you’ll make it happen. Tip: Mars stations direct on January 12th – so pay attention to these themes coming full circle around then.