KnowCancers Scope: Feb 23 – 25, 2024

On Friday, Mercury joins the Sun, Saturn and Neptune in Pisces in your area on adventure and philosophical pursuits. Cancer, this is an invitation to embark on a journey to the far reaches of your imagination. If this soulful exploration guides you away from your initial path, that’s perfectly alright. This is a time to challenge your beliefs and to open up to new perspectives. Saturday’s Full Moon in Virgo may keep you busy this weekend. Remember not to get distracted, prioritize and maintain your laser-like focus on that which truly deserves your attention. What you choose to communicate and put out into the world will have a greater impact right now. This Moon highlights your communication and your words, and has a way of magnifying your messages, so voice what you hope will travel far and wide.

KnowCancers Scope: Feb 21 – 22, 2024

Cancer, with the Moon transitioning from your cozy sign into fiery Leo on Wednesday morning, we’ll collectively be feeling more vital and confident during the next 2.5 days. You will too. This is a good time to undertake challenges that carry high stakes, because you’ll have more daring and strength to succeed. It’s also a time to tap into your pleasure and sensuality. How have the lessons of the Aquarius been reverberating through your life? On Thursday, Mars, the Planet of Passion, meets Venus, the Planet of Love, in Aquarius, in your area of intimacy. Unlikely alliances can help you in your healing process and in coming outside of the comfort zones that keep you stuck. Practice releasing control. Honor your boundaries, needs and desires. Do so fearlessly — there’s no more playing small for you.

KnowCancers Scope: Feb 19 – 20, 2024

At this time, it’s important for you to find balance between your emotions and your mentality. It can sometimes feel like you’re operating exclusively from one of these parts of yourself, and that can prevent harmonious connections from taking place. Cancer, with so much Aquarian energy in the air, you must admit to yourself if you’ve been overly focused on past grudges recently as a way to make decisions about the present or future. The Sun entered Pisces on Sunday night, and this energy will help you find more empowering and freeing ways of coming to important decisions. Hang in there. The Universe is rocking your world in more ways than you’d like in order for you to understand why you came here and who you truly are.

KnowCancers Scope: Feb 16 – 18, 2024

As we experience the energy of the First Quarter Moon in Taurus, you’re likely taking stock of what remains from your New Moon in Aquarius intentions from a week ago, and what needs to either be readjusted or released. Are you connecting with your communities and the causes that move you, Cancer. As the Aquarian energy intensifies this weekend with Venus coming into the mix on Friday and joining forces with Pluto on Saturday, there’s something that’s been on your mind that you need to discuss with yourself, even if it scares you initially. You know what it is… Don’t keep ignoring it or repressing it out of fear of disrupting everything you’ve built. It’s time to bring light into the darkness.

KnowCancers Scope: Feb 14 – 15, 2024

The Moon transitions from the fiery energy of Aries into the grounding presence of Taurus, helping you raise your awareness and prioritize the causes and communities which you may be taking for granted. Remember that your quality of life is determined by how present you are in all situations. There is so much Aquarian energy in your spirituality and intimacy sector, Cancer, and on Wednesday Mars will meet Pluto here. Are you having a consistent conversation with yourself, retelling the same story again and again without evolving? Or are you consistently checking in with your inner nature that doesn’t withstand repetition of patterns nor oppression? If you’re single, this Valentine will be better spent nourishing the friendships in your life that you want to see flourish.

KnowCancers Scope: Feb 12 – 13, 2024

Reflect on what you want to let go of and find places where you can expand your most authentic self, Cancer. The Moon will transition from the dreamy sign of Pisces into the fiery sign of Aries on Monday morning, inviting you to conjure up the courage to bring more of yourself into your work. Then on Tuesday, Mars will leave Capricorn to meet Pluto, Mercury and the Sun in Aquarius. Watch out for any urges to escape conflict. This will be a period to connect to others on a deeper and rawer level. It’s not a time to let down your guard and slip into your instinct of protection and nurture. During these next 5 weeks, you’re being called to protect and nurture an incredible passion you have for your life. When letting others in, make sure they’re worthy of your precious energy.