KnowCancers Wknd Scope December 2 – 4, 2022

We’re a few days away from the Gemini Full Moon, and Neptune, the Planet of Fantasy, ends its five month retrograde in Pisces on Dec 3. This will make this wknd feel super trippy, creative, and communicative. Cancer, since you’re ruled by the Moon, chances are that you’re already feeling stimulated by its energy, particularly when it comes to your career. It may be that you’re ready to make a huge change, but since Mars is retrograde in Gemini, a part of you feels like you should wait to see how you feel in the new year. This may be a good idea, but this wknd is a great time to brainstorm what your future/ideal self really wants to spend time on, and who they really want to be surrounded by. It’s once you admit it to yourself that you’re most likely to attract what you want.

KnowCancers Scope November 30 – December 1, 2022

Cancer, dive into the depths. The moon is in the final sign of the zodiac, Pisces – inviting us collectively into a more intuitive and sensitive way of existing. As a water sign, you’re here for it. We’ll collectively shift out of the mental spheres, and more deeply into realms of creativity and connection. Cancer, ruled by the moon – you may notice your emotions rising to the surface in a more intense or heightened way. If so, slow it down, make space and pay attention to them. The last months of the year always tend to be quite accelerated in terms of wrapping up admin plus increased social activities! In an ideal world, hanging out with loved ones wouldn’t be energetically exhausting – but sometimes it is. Don’t feel guilty about creating space for yourself and drawing boundaries where necessary.

KnowCancers Scope November 28 – 29, 2022

It’s all systems go Cancer. Over the next few days we’ll be experiencing Mars (planet of action) harmoniously connecting with Saturn (career, structures, physical manifestation). This can feel like full circle moments, new ideas and overcoming challenges – especially when it comes to making practical moves in the world. Because the Moon (your ruler) is also connecting harmoniously with Mars, you might find yourself specifically overcoming emotional hurdles. It could be a time of cathartic release, sharing and gratitude. This energy carries a strong portal for self-intimacy, so it could be time to connect with yourself and your solitude in an even deeper way. Why not see it as a challenge to get to know yourself even more? Chances are that you’ll enjoy the journey!

KnowCancers Wknd Scope November 25 – 27, 2022

Cancer, honor yourself. We’re still feeling the potency of the New Moon and the ripple effects of its initiatory energy. Sagittarius season tends to bring that ‘sky’s the limit’ feeling, so now it’s about figuring out what it means for our lives. Over the next few days there could be some emotional turbulence with the moon forming tensions with Mars, Neptune and Jupiter – but a harmonious conversation between the moon and Uranus soon after, will lead to epiphanies and new ideas. Cancer, because you’re ruled by the moon – you could feel a little more sensitive than usual. If so, honor this. Your heightened emotional sensitivity (emotional intelligence) is a super power. Give yourself the space, comfort and rest that you deserve. Draw boundaries and say ‘no’ if necessary. Create a container for yourself to safely dive into your inner world, and enjoy.

KnowCancers Scope November 23 – 24, 2022

What are you going to do differently Cancer? We’re about to experience a powerful Sagittarius New Moon, on the same day its ruler (Jupiter) ends its retrograde. This auspicious portal will have us collectively dreaming again; widening our visions of life’s infinite possibilities. Cancer, for you this moon activates your sector of function and performance. Think of this as the way you approach your day, perform tasks, as well as organize the details of your life. The infusion of Sagittarian energy suggests that all of the above can be tweaked to include more passion, exploration and faith. How can you bring more joy, purpose and meaning into each moment of your day? You deserve this and more. A harmonious connection between Saturn and Mars retrograde suggests even if you don’t have all the answers right now, you’ll make it happen. Tip: Mars stations direct on January 12th – so pay attention to these themes coming full circle around then.

KnowCancers Scope November 21 – 22

Sagittarius season swoops in on Tuesday, as the Sun enters this expansive fiery sign at 3:20 am EST. The energy of this month reminds us that being real to our journey opens up every possibility for evolution. Cancer, what a beautiful time to connect with your body and its natural rhythm. Pay attention to how you choose to move throughout your day-to-day, and how you design and carry out your routines. Pay attention to what feels good. Take note of the routines that enhance your energy levels, and the ones that leave you depleted. This can tell you a lot about what you need in order to be more in alignment with your health and your wellbeing. Getting out of your comfort zone is a wonderful way to realign with your body and boost our health.